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2016 UL Fire Resistance Directory (4 Volume Set)

2016 UL Fire Resistance Directory (4 Volume Set)

Get the new 2016 UL Fire Directory with hourly ratings for beams, floors, roofs, columns, walls, and partitions. Available Now!

Price: $449.95
Product Code: ULFIRE16
Year: 2016
Binding: Softcover
Publisher: Underwriters Laboratories

Updated annually, the Underwriter's Laboratory Fire Resistance Directory references hourly fire resistance ratings for various construction materials.

Includes hourly fire resistance ratings for:

  • Volume 1: Beams, columns, floors, roofs, walls, and partitions
  • Volumes 2A and 2B: Fire rated systems, such as construction joints, through-penetration fire stops, perimeter (curtain walls) fire containment systems, electrical circuit protective systems, and fire resistive duct assemblies
  • Volume 3: Dampers, fire doors, hardware and frames, glass blocks and glazing materials, and leakage rated door assemblies

In addition, the 2016 UL Fire Resistance Design Directory lists names of companies qualified to use the Underwriter's Laboratory mark, arranged by type of construction material. Information about the form and nature of the Listing Mark or Classification Marking to be used for a specific class or category of product is given. Limitations and/or special conditions applying to the product are included.

If you're specifying construction materials used for fire resistance, this directory is an invaluable resource. Order yours today!

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