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Law & Liability

Law & Liability

Elevator accidents can happen. This book was developed to evaluate cases which have been adjudicated, describing specific elevator accidents, subsequent judgements, deposition development and preparation.

Price: $75.00
ISBN: 9781886536593
Product Code: 1886536597
Year: 2005
Binding: Hardcover     Page Count: 332
Publisher: Elevator World Inc.

The elevator industry has traditionally provided the safest form of public transportation, carrying people more miles without incident or accident than automobiles, buses, trains, aircraft or ships. Even so, "accidents will happen," and when they do occur, it is the responsibility of management, investigators, risk management, and legal specialists to determine "what really did happen."

With life and limb often involved, all cooperate to unearth the true facts of an unfortunate event. It is important for industry members to be fully aware of the intricacies of legal action and become familiar with situations previously experienced in the field. Accidents, by their very nature, result from a complex chain of random events -- many difficult to totally guard against and some a one time occurrence.

In assessing liability, litigants heavily rely on precedent and proper case preparation. This book was developed to enumerate cases which have been adjudicated -- describing specific accidents, subsequent judgements, deposition development and preparation. During the period 1961-1982, ELEVATOR WORLD first published the writings of Consultant John Miller in the "Court Cases of Consequence" column.

Later, various attorneys authored articles concerning risk management, investigations, depositions, and courtroom involvement. In recent years, Robert R. Fischer, Sr., a veteran risk management specialist, has prepared court case records for the "Law and Liability" column.

Elevator Industry Law and Liability: Including Court Cases of Consequence contains over 30 years of experience provided by ELEVATOR WORLD authors, who have specialized in the legal field as it relates to equipment design, installation, maintenance, and business management within the elevator industry.

Although many inspectors and consultants will wish to own this book, company managers are likely to benefit most from having this compilation in their library.